Friday, 2 April 2010

Some Personal Development Truths - 3 Lies That Need Addressed

It's time someone set the record straight on this whole personal development thing! There are some very disturbing concepts being bandied around by personal development gurus. Not only are these ideas and concepts very far off the mark but when they are taken literally they can be - literally - life threatening!!!

If you think the above statement is an over exaggeration then I will respectfully re-direct you to the recent activities of one James Arthur Ray (of The Secret fame). He believes so blindly that all people are capable of extraordinary things, and that they can overcome the constraints of the physical laws of the universe just through attitude and the correct mindset, that 3 people died at his sweat lodge Spiritual Warrior retreat and 19 more were treated in causality!

We need to be realistic people. Yes the teachings in The Secret are correct (to an extent) and you are capable of doing some truly fantastical things that would even amaze yourself but we are not invincible super-beings.

Here are a few personal development ideas that I believe should be banned from (or at least modified in) personal growth resources and self improvement teachings:

1. You can do anything!

No you can't! No matter how positive you are or how much you condition yourself you will never be able to fly, swim the Atlantic or run a 4 second mile. It's time someone said that!

Now, what you are capable of doing is achieving your deepest desires and living life on your terms - never let anyone tell you that you cannot. However, be realistic about your goals - if you are 35 and struggling with your fitness levels you will never score the winning goal at a Wembley cup final! Now, will you ever become King of the World.

However, regardless of your apparent obstacles you can improve your life any reach your own personal goals. The key to knowing whether you are capable of achieving a goal or not is to ask yourself how much you want to achieve that goal. If your desire is strong then you can be sure you are capable of achieving that goal because you would have that desire if you could not achieve it (God is not that cruel).

2. You deserve success!

Sorry to burst your bubble but you don't! You have to earn success. You have to "pay your dues"!

Problems only arise when we think we don't deserve something. If you think you don't deserve success then you will sabotage yourself on a subconscious level. However, that doesn't mean you deserve to have success drop into your lap - you need to work for it.

3. It isn't your fault!

Whose fault is it then? You can't blame your childhood for everything that is wrong in your life. Yes you were conditioned by your parents s and your peers. Yes you may have had it tough. Yes, your life may have been one big struggle but so what!

Take stock of where you are in life. Who made the decisions that put you where you are? I', guessing it was you. Are you 200 pound overweight? Who was the person that stuffed all that food down your neck while slobbing out in front of the hypnotic box we call television? I'm guessing it was you!

Take responsibility for where you are and who you are. Only when we take responsibility can we change things. After if someone else did it then someone else needs to undo it but if we did ourselves then we can undo it ourselves.

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