Friday, 9 April 2010

Motivation - the elusive virtue

We all hear that staying motivated is the key to success and although I disagree with that point of view it is still very advantageous to keep motivated as it spurs us on to victory. Before I go further into this perhaps I should explain why I do not think motivation is the key to success!

If we look at the lives of those select individuals who have given their all and succeeded against great odds it is rarely their motivation that git them through. Rather than been all hyped-up and excited by their outcome many of them merely put their head down and kept battling on.

Therefore I believe persistence is the one and only true virtue above all others that can guarantee success!

However, motivation does play its part in goal achievement and without it you can rarely get a project off the ground. So although persistence is the fuel that keeps your engines running it seems that motivation is the engine starter.

So how to you get yourself motivated to take action and start down the path to success? Well you have to have a good "want to" and a great "what for". Let me explain.

When you set a goal that you truly want there is no need to try to muster up motivation. You should have it in abundance. Now you can only go after what you truly want if you have a good set of reasons for wanting it.

I don't mean practical reasons; I just mean reasons that are important to you.

When you can identify why you want something and those reasons are important to you, you will have all the motivation you ever need to launch you on the path to achieving it.

Just make sure you develop some persistence for further down that path!

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