Monday, 12 April 2010

Enemies Within

Why do some people reach the heights of success while others struggle their entire lives? From a purely shallow point of view it often appears to be the result of blind luck or special privilege. However, in the great majority of cases it is neither although it may look as though it is.

It seems that successful people share some common character traits that you just don't see in the "ordinary" individual. I suppose in a way these traits can be the result of special privilege as those who already have those traits tend to pass them on to their children.

There are a few success stories though that show how many people acquired these character traits even though their environment and genetics would suggest it would be impossible.

How many rags to riches stories have you heard?

How many stories do you know of that speak about of courage under great opposition that eventually wins the day?

These examples show us that no matter what background we have had we can achieve great things. They also demonstrate that our environment cannot deter us from success if we refuse to let it.

So what does stop "ordinary" people from doing extraordinary things?

The only obstacles that you currently have to achieving all your dreams and living the life you have always wanted are what I call "the enemies within".

Only you can fight them and only you can ensure a victory. No-one else can do it for you. However, if you enter into battle with these inner demons and do not give-up you are assured of success and with that success comes everything else you have ever wanted.

These inner demons sabotage all your conscious efforts because they lay hidden form you at a very deep subconscious level. When you learn how to shine the light of conscious awareness of these insipid success-killers you can eliminate them within seconds!

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