Wednesday, 31 March 2010

10 Tips to Weight Loss Success

1. Calculate Your BMR
BMR stands for Basal Metabolic Rate and it shows you how many calories you need per day. It is based on a fairly simple equation:

(Body Weight in pounds x 15) + (exercise x 3.5) = kcal per day.

Now because you want to lose weight you must ensure your calorie intake is below your BMR preferably by at least 500 kcal.

Let's take the example of a woman who weighs 150lb and she has 30 minutes of moderate exercise everyday (for example walking).

Her BMR would be:
(140 x15) + (30 x3.5) = kcal per day.
2100 + 105 = 1995 kcal per day

The kcal count represents the number of calories the woman would need to consume daily in order to maintain her weight but as she wishes to lose weight we will take away 500 kcal from that target giving: 1995 - 500 = 1495kcal per day.

2. Eat More Fruit.

Bulk up on fruit to fill your stomach and gain much needed fibre and vitamins.

3. Cut Down.
Reduce your portion sizes. For many people the number reason for having excess body fat is because they eat too much at mealtime. Although snacking contributes to weight gain the biggest reason for it is portion size. So cut down!

4. More Meals.
Try not to eat three large meals. Instead eat 5 to 6 small meals -This way to stave off hunger and avoid overeating by having huge portions.

5. Read The Label.

Check the calorie count and sugar content of your food and always, always, always read the fat amount and the saturated fat amount. A food may appear to be low in calories but be filled with sugar for example so it is vital to get the balance right!

6. Sugar is Bad.
Avoid large consumption of sugar. Soda drinks are packed with sugar as are some fluids that you may not suspect are. Read the labels.

7. Fill Her Up.

Fill up on water. Water is a great way to lose weight because it fills your stomach. It also revitalises your body and cleanses your system.

8. Keep a Journal
Set weight loss goals for yourself and write them in your weight loss journal. Keep an eye on the times of day you usually snack, what satisfies your cravings without hurting your diet, when you feel the best exercising etc.

Use the knowledge you glean from this journal to structure your day and your eating times!

9. Exercise
Take at least 30 minutes of exercise every day. Even if it is just walking you must exercise. If 30 minutes is too much in one go split it up into 3 10minute sessions.

10. Weight Loss Hypnosis
Your mind places an important role in your weight. Your mind can either work with you or against you. Use a good weight loss hypnosis program to train your mind for success.

A good hypnotherapy cd is also capable of altering your view of food and exercise. Using them makes it possible to eliminate your cravings for fatty foods and actually crave healthy food and exercise - and enjoy them!

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