Thursday, 29 April 2010

Limiting Beliefs

Yesterday I discussed the attitude of gratitude and how it can propel you forward in life and help you to manifest more of the things you want in life while staving off those things you do not like. I would like to further explore that topic today by talking about limiting beliefs and their role in your current "manifestation".

Our belief system is truly the funnel through which we let in the reflective light of reality. It may be better put to describe it as the colour tainted glass through which you view reality.

Nothing in reality is - at least not in the sense that we believe it to be. At its very core structure everything we see, hear, touch and smell (and everything we don't) is just pure energy. All energy exists as one single mass vibrating energy field indistinguishable and interconnected at its core.

However, we do perceive things as being real and solid. Yet, not even these perceptions are accurate. Chocolate may taste sweet to on person while it is abhorrent to another. The colour blue may be tranquil and peaceful to one person but appear cold and sterile to another. The sound of electric guitars and loud drums may be motivational and inspiring to one person yet sound like a random collection of instruments blended into a high-pitched squealing noise to another.

It is our perceptions that colour reality for us and determine how it looks, feels and appears. Your reality is not the same as mine. Period!

Arguments, disagreements and wars begin because of a difference in perceived realities and the truth is no-one's reality is right or wrong - it just is. Let my reality be the way my reality is and I will give you the same courtesy. Live and let live.

But I digress!

Back to limiting beliefs.

Your filter for reality is your perception and your perception is driven by your beliefs. Simply change your beliefs and you perception will change. Change your perceptions and your reality automatically changes because you begin to see it differently.

This is not just wishful thinking or brainwashing because as your perceptions change so do your behaviours and thus enviably, your results will change also!

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