Wednesday, 31 March 2010

10 Tips to Weight Loss Success

1. Calculate Your BMR
BMR stands for Basal Metabolic Rate and it shows you how many calories you need per day. It is based on a fairly simple equation:

(Body Weight in pounds x 15) + (exercise x 3.5) = kcal per day.

Now because you want to lose weight you must ensure your calorie intake is below your BMR preferably by at least 500 kcal.

Let's take the example of a woman who weighs 150lb and she has 30 minutes of moderate exercise everyday (for example walking).

Her BMR would be:
(140 x15) + (30 x3.5) = kcal per day.
2100 + 105 = 1995 kcal per day

The kcal count represents the number of calories the woman would need to consume daily in order to maintain her weight but as she wishes to lose weight we will take away 500 kcal from that target giving: 1995 - 500 = 1495kcal per day.

2. Eat More Fruit.

Bulk up on fruit to fill your stomach and gain much needed fibre and vitamins.

3. Cut Down.
Reduce your portion sizes. For many people the number reason for having excess body fat is because they eat too much at mealtime. Although snacking contributes to weight gain the biggest reason for it is portion size. So cut down!

4. More Meals.
Try not to eat three large meals. Instead eat 5 to 6 small meals -This way to stave off hunger and avoid overeating by having huge portions.

5. Read The Label.

Check the calorie count and sugar content of your food and always, always, always read the fat amount and the saturated fat amount. A food may appear to be low in calories but be filled with sugar for example so it is vital to get the balance right!

6. Sugar is Bad.
Avoid large consumption of sugar. Soda drinks are packed with sugar as are some fluids that you may not suspect are. Read the labels.

7. Fill Her Up.

Fill up on water. Water is a great way to lose weight because it fills your stomach. It also revitalises your body and cleanses your system.

8. Keep a Journal
Set weight loss goals for yourself and write them in your weight loss journal. Keep an eye on the times of day you usually snack, what satisfies your cravings without hurting your diet, when you feel the best exercising etc.

Use the knowledge you glean from this journal to structure your day and your eating times!

9. Exercise
Take at least 30 minutes of exercise every day. Even if it is just walking you must exercise. If 30 minutes is too much in one go split it up into 3 10minute sessions.

10. Weight Loss Hypnosis
Your mind places an important role in your weight. Your mind can either work with you or against you. Use a good weight loss hypnosis program to train your mind for success.

A good hypnotherapy cd is also capable of altering your view of food and exercise. Using them makes it possible to eliminate your cravings for fatty foods and actually crave healthy food and exercise - and enjoy them!

Make the Subliminal Change

It has always been believed that your subconscious mind is infinitely more powerful than your conscious reasoning mind. When you consider that you can only consciously concentrate on, or recall, between two to seven things at any one time while your subconscious mind can process millions of separate pieces of outside stimuli while it regulates all the internal and external functions of your body you can see why this view is considered so truthful!

subliminal mind
In fact although we can only consciously focus on a few ideas at a time the subconscious mind is capable of thinking hundreds of millions of thoughts simultaneously - it is believed that every thought you have ever had is stored in the subconscious mind.

Every thought that is part of a belief that you hold forms the structure of that belief system. Every minute of every day these thoughts are active in your subconscious mind.

If the belief is a positive life-affirming one, then those thoughts will support you and drive you forward towards success and happiness. However, if the belief you hold subconsciously is negative or damaging to you in anyway then the active thoughts associated with it will hinder your progress and block you at every turn!

There is nothing new in this concept. Since the time of the Ancient Babylonians it has been known that our thoughts are creative forces in our lives and that there are no stronger or more powerful thoughts than those held in the subconscious mind.

However, knowing this truth and being able to use that knowledge to your advantage are two completely different things.

Often even when we consciously know that our behaviours are negative and harmful to us we cannot break free from the habits formed by them. Smoking cigarettes is a perfect example.

Negative habits often become so subconsciously ingrained that trying to break them consciously is a futile and extremely frustrating task. This is the same with beliefs that have been held for a life-time such as "I'm not good enough" or "I'll never get ahead" or "money is hard to come by" or any other number of negative and false beliefs!

In order to change negative habits and negative beliefs it is always best to take the path of least resistance. Yes it is possible to use your will-power to overcome these things because you are an unlimited being with unlimited will-power.

However, it takes a great amount of energy and focus to achieve this through will-power alone.

Using the subconscious mind to reprogram itself is by far the easiest and quickest way to change a habit or behaviour, instil a new belief or even achieve your goals.

Through the use of professionally produced subliminal cds or even by making your own subliminal recordings through the latest subliminal software you can do this and I would highly recommend you try this for yourself!

Monday, 29 March 2010

Subliminal Porn - The Disney Way?

So have Disney finally decided there usual approach no longer works and that they are being forced into the overt use of tactics that were formerly hidden by means of subliminal stimulation - cleverly disguised as cartoon characters and drawn storyboards?

Is the use of the word "sex" now no longer necessary in their epic cartoon big-screen adventures because they feel that subliminal messages no longer work? Or, did the television network just screw up?

It seems that at the beginning of March 2010, around the time that "Handy Manny" should have been talking to his tools (which incidentally just happen to talk back), the Disney channel seemed to go very retro by suddenly switching to some full one-on-one x-rated porn instead!

Although Disney are not really to blame for this inexcusable mix up by the giant cable provider Comcast they most certainly are to blame for being more than slightly naughty themselves and a lot more devious about it too!

Disney have no need to show scenes of sex to our children on television or even in the cinema for that matter because the just slip them in subliminally!

I cite the case of Roger Rabbit's wife Jessica Rabbit who, it seems was such a strong character representation of the stereotypical "hot movie actress" that animators thought that it would be completely out of character to give her any underwear!

In a similar vein Disney has been guilty of implanting subliminal messages in their movies for years.

From the obvious phallic symbols in The Little Mermaid or the words "SEX" clearly displayed in The Lion King, which Disney comically tried to explain away as a special effects error (they state it says "SFX") to the poor rescuers being subjected to a topless "lady" watching them from a window Disney have been guilty of some lewd behaviour!

If we are to believe that the law of attraction is one of the most powerful universal laws that governs our lives then perhaps we should ask why this mix-up in a local New Jersey transmission station occurred on the Disney channel!

I just sincerely hope that the children who were subjected to the images did not, do not and will never be adversely affected by what they saw.

I find it strange that no further action seems to be taken against Disney or the station responsible for the mix-up and it has left me wondering if the situation would have been the same had this scenario played out in the United Kingdom!

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Sunday, 28 March 2010

The Power of Subliminal Software

With more interest growing everyday in subliminal technology it is not surprising that more manufacturers are trying to incorporate the latest technologies into their products. The subliminal market is no different.

With the hypnosis market leading the way in pioneering new product types it was only a matter of time before subliminal products also crept unto the market that had the same type of mind altering technology embedded into them.

It seems that NLP techniques that work so well with hypnotic products can also be incorporated into subliminal audio and visual products to produce the same effect.

The added advantage of being able to use cutting-edge audio technologies that are designed to alter brainwave states of the listener means the subliminal audio and visual products have become much more powerful in the last few years.

The use of binaural beats was the beginning of an advanced more technological subliminal recording that could create almost instant alpha brain waves conducive to accelerated learning and subconscious reprogramming.

Binaural beats work by sending a separate and unique tone to each ear independently. The right ear hears one tone and the left ear hears a different tone. Due to the way the tones are recorded and because they differ only slightly in frequency the human brain merges them to create one tone.

However, because the two tones differ slightly in frequency this difference is interpreted by the brain as a constant beat! This beat is heard at a frequency that is the difference between the original two tones.

When the brain "hears" this new tone it starts to produce brainwaves at the same frequency as the tone (a totally natural phenomenon that happens to you every day).

Because we know what frequencies are related to specific mental states (such as the alpha state) it is possible to use a binaural beats recording to induce the state of alpha (a light hypnotic trance-like state similar to the one you would experience under self hypnosis).

So, the introduction of binaural beats in subliminal products meant that the products were much more powerful and worked at a much quicker pace than their predecessors.

However, although these subliminal products were highly superior to the old subliminal tapes which merely embedded human voices repeating affirmations endlessly, they did have their drawbacks!

To get any type of effect from binaural recordings they absolutely must be listened to through a set of stereo headphones or earphones.

In fact even using standard earphones can detract from the power and effectiveness of binaural beats which is a point that not many manufacturers or self-improvement proponents bother telling people!

To be most effective you should listen to binaural recordings through high quality (and often expensive) stereo headphones.

This, as you can understand, was not the ideal situation for subliminal manufacturers. After all they wanted to use the latest technologies that would increase the effectiveness of their products but they also wanted their products to be easy to use which has always been the strength of subliminal messaging products over hypnosis products.

It was therefore not surprising that this drive to keep subliminal messages easy to use lead to the introduction of even more advanced audio techniques.

Technologies were soon invented that would allow for the creation of sounds that act in a similar way to binaural beats but that could be used without the need for any additional equipment other than a playback mechanism.

In other words, the new technology of isochronic tones meant you could get the same effect as you would listening to binaural beats but without the need to listen to them through headphones or earphones.

This leap forward in technology has also lead to the creation of subliminal software that allows any ordinary person to create their own subliminal recordings specifically tailored to their own needs.

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Saturday, 27 March 2010

The Diet Industry Gets Fatter Every Year!

The diet industry makes billions of dollars every year. And every year it brings to our attention the latest pill, potion or gadget that is sure to strip away those pounds in record time and leave us looking and feeling trim and healthy.

How many times have you bought into the latest fad diet or hidden your abdominal machine under your bed or in your garage to gather dust?

The only reason why the diet industry is so huge, and getting bigger every year, is because people are getting bigger as well!

Rather than witnessing the population of civilized cultures getting thinner as the diet industry's wallets get fatter we are seeing more and more people becoming obese and entering the upper echelons of the health risk scale for overweight people.

The reason why the diet industry is getting bigger every year is because our stomachs, thighs and asses are bigger as well and we just want to find a quick way to make them smaller!

Unfortunately though there is only two ways to achieve the perfect shape and none of them involves a pill or potion!

Would you like the truth to losing weight quickly and permanently?

Are you sure you can handle the truth?

Ok then here it comes: To lose weight quickly and permanently you must be willing to eat less and exercise more!!!!

It really is that simple!

Of course the trouble states when you sit down to a plate of your favourite pasta covered in Bolognese sauce and a bowl full of grated cheese and garlic bread. How could you lose weight with all that stuff sitting there just begging to be eaten?

Well the first thing you must do is change your mental processes about food. Believe it or not there are plenty of people in the world who can say no to a cream bun without thinking they have just lost their winning lottery ticket!

In order to get slim and stay slim you must become the type of person who naturally eats well (and in the correct portion sizes) and loves to get some form of daily exercise - even if it's just walking!

One key to developing this "thin mentality" is to use a good weight loss hypnotherapy course or to visit a hypnotherapist. Hypnosis is very effective at changing automatic behaviours and altering preferences.

Can you imagine how thin you will be when you actually want to go for a walk instead of eating crates of Twinkies while slumped over the sofa watching "Days of Our Lives"?

How grateful do you think your internal organs will be when you no longer force them to squeeze into a size 10 pair of jeans?

The truth is a change of mindset is the only way you will ever lose weight and keep it off! To achieve your ideal shape you need to first achieve your ideal mental outlook. Once you do that your fat will fall away naturally and you will look and feel good automatically because your automatic behaviours will be of a person who never gets fat!

Would you like to decrease your ass size and improve your mental outlook in the process? Then be sure to visit hypnotherapy CDs to find out how easy it can be.

Friday, 26 March 2010

Water - The Secret Weapon in the Fight For Weight Loss

Water could well be the most potent and best kept secret to weight loss you will ever learn about!

Before you scoff at the thought that water could help you burn excess fat and help get you into shape think carefully about a few facts first.Fat Cat

Depending on your BMI and amount of fat you are carrying in your body your physical self is composed of between 60 to 70% water! Take the water away and you'd just be a small pile of dust like carbon on the floor!

Water is essential to run your body efficiently and in fact without water you wouldn't survive very long. You can last anywhere from 7 weeks to 13 weeks without food depending on your body weight.

However, without water your odds of survival are reduced to mere days!

Before I explain why water is so great for weight loss you should also consider how great it is for your digestive system, skin and overall health. Most people are constantly dehydrated yet they are completely unaware of the fact. If your urine is a yellowy colour then you are dehydrated!

When you take in about two quarts of water a day your entire physical system will benefit. Although you may find yourself running to the loo at lot more this inconvenience should stop after about a week.

When you do start to take in more water you will notice that it staves off hunger. Even if you feel hungry just before you down a pint of cold water, immediately afterwards you will fill full.

Water fools the stomach into thinking you have ingested the food you need to burn energy for the body. Drinking plenty of water, especially before a meal, is a great way to lose weight because it will stop you snacking and reduce the amount of food you need to consume in order to feel full.

This is not a permanent solution to stopping hunger, because your body knows when it needs nutrients and energy. So if you are trying to starve yourself and still feeling hungry after you have consumed about two pints (or a quart) of water then eat something!

Taking in 2 quarts of extra water daily has another very positive effect on the body as regards to fat burning.

As I mentioned previously most people are dehydrated. This causes all amounts of problems in your body from digestive disorders to sore heads. However, it can also have a dramatic effect on your ability to burn fat!

Your liver is responsible for burning your storehouse of fat reserves to create energy when your calories intake is below your calories requirements (which it should be when you are trying to lose weight).

However, when you kidneys are deprived of sufficient water they don't work properly and it is the job of your liver to pick up the slack. This takes it away from the job of burning fat!

So start today to drink more water and as part of a calorie controlled diet you will see the fat falling off you.

If you would like to train your mind and body to turn you into a fat burning machine then consider the very best weight loss hypnotherapy course or using a standard single hypnotherapy CD for weight loss. Hypnosis has been shown to make the whole process of weight loss feel natural, automatic and almost effortless!

Thursday, 25 March 2010

The Truth About Isochronic Tones

Isochronic tones are an auditory means for achieving brain entrainment. Brain entrainment refers to the ability of outside stimuli to affect the brain and cause it to produce specific brainwave patterns i.e. to entrain the brain to a certain brainwave frequency such as alpha, beta, theta, delta etc.

If you are familiar with the use of binaural beats as a means of brain entrainment then you will already understand the immense potential power of isochronic tones as they essential do the same thing.

However isochronic tones differ from binaural beats in on every important fact. Binaural beats require the use of stereo headphone for the effect to be felt and for them to have any impact on the brain. Isochronic tones, on the other hand, can be used independently of headphones or earphones and can be listened to through any normal playback device such a s CD player MP3 player etc., and the brain entrainment will still take place.

As you may already know binaural beats are by no means a new technology as they were first discovered in 1839 by Heinrich Wilhelm Dove although he was totally unaware of their ability to entrain the brain. It wasn't until the 1973 when research into binaural beats, conducted by Gerard Oster, was published in the Scientific American that people realized the vast potential binaural beats have.

Oster showed that these beats could be used to entrain the brain into specific states by creating brainwaves of certain frequencies.

Binaural beats work on two natural things that occur naturally in the brain.

1. When you hear a noise you will hear it from both your right and your left ear. But because the left ear and right ear are separated on the side of your head you hear the same sound slightly differently through each ear (as you ear will hear the sound louder than the other and the ear furthest away will hear the sound slightly more muffled than the other etc.).

In order to avoid this confusion between the two ears the brain merges the input into one sound, thus ensuring that you hear only one sound and not two. This is a little like your eyesight in the fact that you see only one image instead of two images - one from each eye!

2. When the brain is subjected to external rhythmic stimuli it tends to mimic that outside stimuli. Think of a steam train chugging along and putting a passenger to sleep to get an idea of what I mean.

Binaural beats entrain the brain by presenting it with a specific frequency which the brain mimics by producing brainwaves in the same frequency range.

Binaural beats are created by sending one sound to one ear and then sending an almost identical sound to the other ear only ensuring it has a slightly different frequency.

The brain thinks that these two sounds are the same and therefore merges them as it would with any outside sound presented to both ears. However, because the two tones have different frequencies the merged tone produced by the brain has a warble effect (or beat type effect) which has a frequency that is the difference between the original two tones i.e. tone 1 - tone 2 = binaural beat.

So if tone 1 had a frequency of 200 hertz and tone 2 had 210 hertz the binaural beat would be 10 hertz (210 - 200 = 10).

As you can see it is necessary to listen to the tones through headphones or the binaural beat effect will just not happen.

However, isochronic tones use the latest audio technology to produce brain entraining tones independent of the need for headphones.

A great deal of self improvement audio products use this technology to help entrain the brain for easier imprinting of post hypnotic suggestions or subliminal commands as in some types of subliminal software.

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Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Subliminal Rantings. Still Going On About The Vicary Experiment?

Why are people in the self improvement arena still prattling on about the James Vicary experiment that was conducted more than 50 years ago???

If you are unaware of this experiment I will give you a brief outline of what Vicary did and what he claimed the results of his actions were.

In 1957 at a Fort Lee, New Jersey, cinema during a screening of the film Picnic Vicary flashed subliminal messages at a rate of 1/3000 of a second in an attempt to sway the buying behaviors of the unsuspecting movie audience members.

During the films he claimed to have used two subliminal messages aimed at increasing sales of popcorn and coca cola. The messages flashed on the screen were as follows:

"Hungry? Eat popcorn."

"Thirsty? Drink Coca Cola."

As a result of using these subliminal messages Vicary claimed that sales of popcorn rose by 57.8% while coca cola sales rose by 18.1%.

Although his findings sparked a great deal of interest amongst scientists at the time (and the CIA - but that's a whole different story) it cause panic among politicians and the public at large.

Due to Vicary's claims that people could be manipulated by subliminal messages they were eventually banned from television, and radio advertising in Australia, the UK and the USA!

However, no-one was able to replicate Vicary's findings no matter how many times his experiment was duplicated. The reason for this became obvious when, many years later, Vicary admitted that he had made the whole thing up!

All his findings from the study were fabricated and many believe that the study did not even take place in the first place!

So, because Vicary lied about the effectiveness of subliminal messages in his experiment and due to the failure to produce any positive results when the experiment was duplicated most scientists held the view that subliminal messages do not work!

It blows my mind that still to this day many self improvement and personal development sites use Vicary's 1957 experiment as proof that subliminal messages are effective.

Doing this only damages the case for using subliminals as a tool for self development and personal growth - because the truth is they do work and there is a mountain of modern scientific evidence to support that claim!

Research conducted by the University College London and studies conducted at the Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience and the UCL Department of Psychology have shown quite clearly just how powerful subliminal stimuli can be!

When you read the findings of Duke University's study into subliminal advertising and how effective it can be at swaying a person's preferences for one product over another you will understand that subliminal advertising is a real, tangible and effective form of manipulation!

Other research from the Netherlands and around the globe that has been carried out under clinical conditions by revered and well recognised scientific researchers shows conclusively that subliminal messages are registered and acted upon by the human brain.

So, my point is simple. Why keep mentioning the James Vicary experiment?

Whether you have witnessed the power of subliminal messages yourself and have firsthand experience of their effectiveness or you still hold onto the moot point that they do not work (regardless of the growing 20th and 21st Century scientific evidence) why mention James Vicary?

His experiment was probably never even undertaken and therefore it is no wonder no-one else can replicate his fictitious findings. Subliminal messages do work but they must be given under extremely specific conditions such as those adhered to in the best subliminal CDs.

So everyone who knows who effective subliminal messages are I ask you to please stop talking about the Vicary experiment. It only hurts the cause of subliminals.

To those guys who adamantly refuse to accept that subliminal stimuli can affect us in any way I ask you to also stop talking about James Vicary's illusionary experiment and at least attack the more modern clinical studies that are proving how effective subliminal messages really are!

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