Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Just Be & Allow Manifestation to HAppen

In self improvement and personal development we always seem to have goals and aspirations. We always seem to be striving for some type of betterment or improvement. This is a worthwhile pursuit and an honourable direction to head in. However, sometimes we can achieve much more by simply being still and allowing ourselves to just "be".

Embracing the ever-present "nowness" of our being is probably the only goal, as students of personal growth, that we should really strive for. Being in the moment frees us form the burdens of the past and eliminates the desires for tomorrow - it makes us feel free to just be!

Being fully present in this moment also gives you immense power to create.

When you are only aware of the present moment without the plague of the past or the distractions of the future a mere thought is enough to set in motion powerful universal forces that will never stop until that thought is solidified in the material world as the physical representation of itself.

Truly being present in the moment make you feel free, happy, content, at one with yourself and all of creation and also releases your unlimited power (which is of course always present in the ever-present now).

Obviously talking about being fully immersed in the moment is easier to do than actually experiencing it but we have all been in this experience at least once.

Think of a time when you were sitting in a garden or by a pond or the ocean. Perhaps you were on holiday or vacationing in a quiet spot. Think of a time when you just sat observing your surroundings thinking of nothing in particular - just savouring the experience.

If you can recall that time you will probably remember just how serene and at peace you felt. At that moment you were temporarily fully in touch with your own beingness and fully immersed in the ever-present moment. Everything felt perfectly in place, harmonious and balanced. Do you remember?

At that point, even though you may not have realised yet, you were connected to the very power that created the universe and it was fully at your disposal!

In that moment you could have created anything you wanted for the mere thought of it!

Of course in such a frame of mind, body and spirit everything seems so perfect in that moment that desire for anything is the furthest thing from your mind. However, a mere simple thought such as "wouldn't it be nice if........" would be enough to set the its manifestation in action.

So, if you ever find yourself in that place again just give a quick thought to something you have always wanted and then relax back into the "now". If you want to feel like that all the time then you should read about The Sedona Method.

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