Thursday, 22 April 2010

Using a Hypnothery Cd?

I love hypnosis. It is so relaxing and helps me to unwind at the end of an often hectic and busy day. With the newest types of hypnotherapy cds available online you get the usual hypnotic induction sequences along with any pre-scripted post hypnotic suggestions but you also get all the cool advancements that have been made in audio technologies and brain entrainment.

My favourite type of hypnosis cd will almost always incorporate some kind of brainwave technology in it because I find them so relaxing. With a standard, or older, self hypnosis cd I still experience trance but very rarely go into that type of hazy unconsciousness that is so energizing.

I find that when I enter particularly deep states of trance that it feels like sleep. However I know that I am not asleep because I "wake up" at the count back to conscious that you hear towards the end of the hypnotic recording - every time!

Now hypnotherapy cds should not be confused with clinical hypnotherapy which is a form of medical hypnosis used by professional medical practitioners. A good hypnotherapy cd is really just a self hypnosis recording that has been created by a professional Hypnotherapist to elicit some specific mental response in you - such as increasing your confidence.

These types of hypnosis cds are truly an excellent alternative to expensive visits to hypnotists. They are often offered as hypnosis mp3 downloads as well.

I have had very good personal experiences using these mind altering and behavioural changing tools and would highly recommend them to anyone interested in improving their lives.

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  1. Hypnotherapy helps improve physical health, emotional well-being and assist in personal development, most people find the process of hypnosis relaxing and pleasurable.