Monday, 3 May 2010

3 Steps to Heaven

If you have a dream, desire or goal that you want to achieve then try this simple 3 step formula for success. It may be simple but it is powerful.

1. Free Your Mind.
When you set a goal or decide to pursue a dream that you have you must get your mental house in order.

Your mindset is a critical function of success.

The first thing to do is to focus on the thing that you want. In your mind's eye form an image of yourself already with your objective. See it in its entirety. See it in its finished state.

Feel how wonderful it feels having accomplished your goal and relaxed into those good feelings.

Now find and eliminate the negative subconscious programs that are working against you. Use a tool such as the sedona method to weed out these negatives and remove them for good.

2. Take Action.
No matter how confident you are that you will reach your goal you must take some form of action to get it. All the belief in the world is useless without taking some actions steps to secure what you want.

Action is a necessary step in the process of manifestation. This is something many self improvement gurus fail to teach their students. Yes, belief and attitude are the most important things but action is vital!

3. Be Persistent.
Nothing on this planet is stronger than persistence. Persistence can bring to to the successful conclusion of any act.

With sheer persistence you can achieve things that others with twice as much talent for that thing could not do.

Keep this in mind - there is no failure only death or giving up!