Friday, 30 April 2010

The Fastest Way to Set & Reach Goals!

Even when it comes to spiritual growth there are few teachers, trainers or courses that do not mention the power of goal setting. Goals are an intricate part of human life and the human experience.

You set goals daily - even if you do not refer to them as goals. If you plan to get to work on time, take a bus or organize any trip or event then you know how to set goals.

The only difference between you and a multimillionaire, high achiever, or any other successful person is that their goals differ from your s and they are much more specific about their goal-setting strategies.

If you follow the guidelines below you will be able to set goals that are meaningful to you and that bring you the same level of success enjoyed by high achievers and that success will be specific to your needs and desires!

1. Brain Storm.
Write down all the things that are important to you and all the things you would like to have, achieve or do in life.

2. Whittle it Down.
Number those things that are most important to you starting at 1 for the most important and 2 for the next most important etc.

3. Visualise the End.
Get a clear idea in your head what your life will look like when you have reached your top 10 goals. See it as a finished product. You have achieved the top 10 goals on your list - how does that look and feel?

4. Reverse Engineer it!
Start to imagine how you got there. Reverse the process one step at a time and by the time you get back to where you are now you will have a blueprint for your own success. Believe t or not this works like a charm and I have yet to see it fail!

5. Make a Plan.
Create a plan based on the last exercise and step 2. You have already reverse engineered how the future you arrived at the place the future you is at - now put it down on paper and turn it into manageable goal steps!

Follow these 5 steps and you will achieve anything you set your mind to!

You may want to try a tool such as The Sedona Method to help you along.

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