Friday, 16 April 2010

5 Steps to Manifestation

1. Get Specific
You cannot achieve anything unless you know exactly what you want to achieve. I know this sounds like a ridiculous thing to say because it is so obvious but many people want success yet they cannot quantify what success is.

Success is not having more money, a better relationship or a great career. Success comes with the accomplishment of a goal and you can only make a goal if you know what you want.

So get specific about your desires. If you want a new house where will the house be located? How many rooms will it have? Will it be detached and set in its own grounds? Get in detail about your goal and you will manifest it much quicker.

2. Write it Down on Paper.
Commit yourself to your goal by putting pen to paper and writing it down. Give the goal a realistic deadline that is achievable but that will stretch you out of your comfort zone!

Psychology professor Dr. Gail Matthews of the Dominican University of California found that people who write down their goals are 33% more likely to achieve their goal that people who merely formed a goal in their head.

3. Take action
Goals are nothing unless they are acted upon or as the Bible tells us in James 2:20, "faith without works is dead".

You cannot expect your goals to magically appear before you as if some genie is doing your bidding. You must take action! This means formulating a plan - no matter how bad the plan is - and working on it every day.

As failures bring with them experience you can alter your plan with every "learning lesson" you receive until you eventually get it right. Who knows you may hit on a winning formula straight away.

4. Be Persistent
Never stop. Do not give-up. There is no such thing as failure only death and quitting! Keep going and you have to succeed!

5. Eiminate Blocks
Work to remove your negative subconscious sprogramming. Use the latest cutting-edge tools such as The Sedona Method or The Release Technique to help.

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