Thursday, 15 April 2010

Properperity, Poverty and Consciousness

I recently had a revelation about consciousness, in particular prosperity consciousness and I would like to share what I found with you.

Most of us go through life with a poverty consciousness. I know that I did for many years. This acceptance of poverty is accepted to different degrees depending on the person and how much they allow themselves to be swayed by popular belief and the media!

You see there is a large belief on this little blue planet that you have to work hard to earn your money and that money is a difficult commodity to acquire. This belief affects almost everyone except wealthy bankers and those after their kind! I sometime wonder if they didn't start this false and fabricated belief system to remain in power!!!!

Anyway, it is completely untrue that you need to work harder to earn more money. When you develop a "prosperity consciousness" you will be excites and equally appalled at just how many opportunities there are around you every day to make easy money - ethically and for the good of all concerned.

In fact there are so many opportunities to make easy money that it would be difficult if not impossible to follow up on even half of them in any one day - I kid you not people.

Listen I have eaten pea sandwiches in stale bread at one point in my life because I had nothing else to eat and hunger made me do it! I know what poverty consciousness is and now I know what prosperity consciousness is.

One of the things I learned is that no matter how many opportunities are given to you if you have a consciousness of poverty you will not be able to see them. Likewise, regardless of what is happening in the economy or the country in which you live, or your city or town, or whatever, you can and will see opportunities to thrive and expand when you have a consciousness of wealth!

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