Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Spiritual Growth Through Maifestation

When I first became interested in personal development it was less about personal growth and more about manifestation. Although I have grown substantially since then to understand that spiritual growth is the only true goal worth pursuing 25 years ago I was a little more materialistic!

However, that is not to say manifestation is not worth the effort. Spiritual growth is about material comfort as well. The material and spiritual are intertwined like a ball of string. In addition to realising that the spiritual encompasses the material you should also realise that it I shard to pursue higher spiritual goals and ideals if your stomach is empty and you have nowhere to live!

The truth is going after material goals can be a great aid in your spiritual and emotional growth because to attain your goals you must change yourself from the inside out. You must identify and eliminate the negative programs that hinder your accomplish of success before you can attain any worthwhile goal.

By removing these negative patterns from your mind you are freeing yourself from the burdens of the world and thus pushing forward your own spiritual evolution.

By eliminating the negatives from within yourself you are actually growing spiritually. So no matter how materialistic or selfish the goal seems, the very act of pursuing it and dealing with the obstacle it brings up is an act of spiritual growth!

For this reason spiritual programs like The Sedona Method and The Release Technique actively encourage and show you how to manifest your goals. In fact the latter program strongly encourages you to use the technique to become a millionaire!

I can attest personally to the soundness of this reasoning because I myself have grown spiritually and emotionally by pursuing physical material goals and in ways that would have seemed impossible had I actively sought to do it consciously.

So, I urge you not to shy away from material goals but to pursue them with zest. Just ensure you deal with all your "inner demons" as they come up and you will be assured of, not only the physical goals, but also a spurt of growth in your own spiritual evolution.

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