Tuesday, 6 April 2010

That's Affirmative Captain!

The art and skill of successfully using affirmations to change your life!

Has someone ever said something extremely hurtful to you that left its indelible mark? Has someone else ever encouraged you and spurred you on to action and perhaps even victory? Do you remember the words you parents used to scold you and/or encourage you?

Words are much more that vocal expressions of thoughts and feelings. Words have power over us!

The words that other people use when the speak to us and the words we use to talk to ourselves sway our internal emotional state and direct our thinking - which in turn directs our actions and thus the results we get form life.

We mostly use words to form sentences that are delivered as "statements of fact". These statements only represent how we believe things to be and not how they actually are. These are known as affirmations. Very often we are using these affirmations to reinforce negative beliefs, negative thoughts and negative feelings we have about the world, ourselves and our place in the world.

Just as someone's words, or affirmations, can hurt you or encourage you so too can your own. In fact if someone else says something that has such a profound effect on you what do you think your affirmations are doing to you?

Affirmations are more powerful that you can possibly know. Have you ever heard the saying that "If you repeat something often enough you start to believe it?

When we repeat an affirmation over and over again we come to believe it - no matter how outrageous it is. Repetition is an act of conditioning your mind. When you repeat an affirmation often enough it eventually seeps into the subconscious mind. Whatever the subconscious mind is told it accepts unquestioningly.

So, using affirmations to instil positive beliefs, thoughts and feelings into the subconscious mind can greatly improve our lives because it redirects our actions towards the things that we want in life rather than directing us to unconsciously perform actions that take us away from our desires.

Often though when we try to consciously use affirmations in an attempt to change our lives they do not work. Sometimes using affirmations even results in the opposite thing happening from the intention we set forth. Why is this?

It seems that when we consciously use affirmations to try to change current subconscious programming the subconscious mind rebels. Often the act of affirming something positive which seems to contradict the facts and reality of your situation cause you think and feel even more negatively (thus attracting to you more negative things to feel bad about).

If you have ever had this type of experience using affirmations then you need a more powerful tool than the spoken word - at least to start you off.

You should consider using a good hypnotherapy cd which will drive your positive affirmations deep into the subconscious mind from the very first listening.

Visualization can also help. In your mind's eye picture yourself in possession of your goal. It doesn't matter whether it is a physical objective you have or a character trait you wish to develop - just see yourself having it already.

This should reinforce your affirmations and help you more readily accept the reality of what you are affirming.

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