Monday, 26 April 2010

Getting Unstuck

Sometimes when you set a goal or pursue a dream it feels like you are walking in quicksand or driving in second gear. The progress is painstakingly slow and the frustration caused by your slow movement forward can cause a host of problems for you.

Believe it or not you are not alone. Getting stuck is one of the most common things that happen to people who are on a spiritual path or a path to self improvement and personal growth.

When you get stuck and it seems like you can't move forward it is really a sign that you have come up against a roadblock within yourself that really needs to be removed. You have encountered your own resistance and you should be joyful for this fact.

Now I know the above sentence may sound strange to you (or even offensive if you are struggling a lot) but truly this stuckness is a gift. You have been given a clear and undeniable sign that you need to change something within yourself and you have been shown exactly what that is by your own unique situation.

Merely change the thinking that caused the situation and the situation will change!

You see everything around you now; everything you see, hear, feel and are experiencing is your manifestation. Your reality is a reflection of your own inner self. The world is just an outward projection of the inner you.

The world is your "manifestation".

If you like it then keep doing what you are doing. Keep thinking the same way, feeling the same emotions and saying the same things.

However, if you do not like it start changing what you are doing!

Use a self improvement tool such as The Sedona Method to weed out the negative thoughts and emotions that are creating the negative situations in your life. Then you will naturally change how you think and feel and your actions and words will naturally change as a result!

You are in charge. Take charge now. Do things differently and you will get a different result - I promise you!

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