Sunday, 4 April 2010

Hypnosis, Self Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy

Many people get confused between the terms hypnosis, hypnotherapy and self hypnosis falsely believing them to be three different things. Although there are differences between these three aspects of just one mind tool, the difference is negligible.

In fact the difference between hypnotherapy, hypnosis and self hypnosis is minute. They are one and the same thing. The only difference given to this terms is the application if the same process.

Hypnosis is often used to refer to entering the trance state through the use of a trained hypnotist. This may be for entertainment purposes, self improvement, pain relief or any number of other applications.

So, hypnosis is mostly used to refer to times when you use a hypnotist to enter trance.

Self hypnosis is used to refer to times when you enter exactly the same trance like state that hypnosis creates only you induce the trance yourself. Self hypnosis is often also used to refer to pre-made hypnotic recordings.

Hypnotherapy is the application of wither hypnosis or self hypnosis as an aid to self-healing. It is also often referred to pre-recorded hypnotic titles designed for self improvement purposes such as a weight loss hypnosis program for example.

When you use any of the three different phases of hypnotic trance, either hypnosis, self hypnosis or hypnotherapy, the results should always be the same. Any application of a tool that can create a trance state and then directly program the subconscious mind with positive affirmations will have a tremendously positive effect on your life.

By far the best way to experience hypnosis is by visiting a trained hypnotherapist. However this can prove to be very expensive.

The next best thing is through the use of a hypnotherapy cd. Although this is not as powerful as a one-on-one session with a professional these cds are highly professionally produced and the same results can be obtained although it usually takes a few extra sessions.

As a last resort I would learn how to induce trance in yourself through a good self hypnosis training course. I find this to be the least effective method because you need to retain a certain amount of conscious control in order to induce the trance state and then give yourself post hypnotic suggestions. I much prefer to let go fully and allow the recording to do all the work.

Obviously if you choose top train in hypnosis then it is just a matter of using a computer microphone and some recording software and making your own hypnotherapy cd. However, I only recommend this if you get sufficient hypnosis training!

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