Monday, 3 May 2010

3 Steps to Heaven

If you have a dream, desire or goal that you want to achieve then try this simple 3 step formula for success. It may be simple but it is powerful.

1. Free Your Mind.
When you set a goal or decide to pursue a dream that you have you must get your mental house in order.

Your mindset is a critical function of success.

The first thing to do is to focus on the thing that you want. In your mind's eye form an image of yourself already with your objective. See it in its entirety. See it in its finished state.

Feel how wonderful it feels having accomplished your goal and relaxed into those good feelings.

Now find and eliminate the negative subconscious programs that are working against you. Use a tool such as the sedona method to weed out these negatives and remove them for good.

2. Take Action.
No matter how confident you are that you will reach your goal you must take some form of action to get it. All the belief in the world is useless without taking some actions steps to secure what you want.

Action is a necessary step in the process of manifestation. This is something many self improvement gurus fail to teach their students. Yes, belief and attitude are the most important things but action is vital!

3. Be Persistent.
Nothing on this planet is stronger than persistence. Persistence can bring to to the successful conclusion of any act.

With sheer persistence you can achieve things that others with twice as much talent for that thing could not do.

Keep this in mind - there is no failure only death or giving up!

Friday, 30 April 2010

The Fastest Way to Set & Reach Goals!

Even when it comes to spiritual growth there are few teachers, trainers or courses that do not mention the power of goal setting. Goals are an intricate part of human life and the human experience.

You set goals daily - even if you do not refer to them as goals. If you plan to get to work on time, take a bus or organize any trip or event then you know how to set goals.

The only difference between you and a multimillionaire, high achiever, or any other successful person is that their goals differ from your s and they are much more specific about their goal-setting strategies.

If you follow the guidelines below you will be able to set goals that are meaningful to you and that bring you the same level of success enjoyed by high achievers and that success will be specific to your needs and desires!

1. Brain Storm.
Write down all the things that are important to you and all the things you would like to have, achieve or do in life.

2. Whittle it Down.
Number those things that are most important to you starting at 1 for the most important and 2 for the next most important etc.

3. Visualise the End.
Get a clear idea in your head what your life will look like when you have reached your top 10 goals. See it as a finished product. You have achieved the top 10 goals on your list - how does that look and feel?

4. Reverse Engineer it!
Start to imagine how you got there. Reverse the process one step at a time and by the time you get back to where you are now you will have a blueprint for your own success. Believe t or not this works like a charm and I have yet to see it fail!

5. Make a Plan.
Create a plan based on the last exercise and step 2. You have already reverse engineered how the future you arrived at the place the future you is at - now put it down on paper and turn it into manageable goal steps!

Follow these 5 steps and you will achieve anything you set your mind to!

You may want to try a tool such as The Sedona Method to help you along.

Thursday, 29 April 2010

Limiting Beliefs

Yesterday I discussed the attitude of gratitude and how it can propel you forward in life and help you to manifest more of the things you want in life while staving off those things you do not like. I would like to further explore that topic today by talking about limiting beliefs and their role in your current "manifestation".

Our belief system is truly the funnel through which we let in the reflective light of reality. It may be better put to describe it as the colour tainted glass through which you view reality.

Nothing in reality is - at least not in the sense that we believe it to be. At its very core structure everything we see, hear, touch and smell (and everything we don't) is just pure energy. All energy exists as one single mass vibrating energy field indistinguishable and interconnected at its core.

However, we do perceive things as being real and solid. Yet, not even these perceptions are accurate. Chocolate may taste sweet to on person while it is abhorrent to another. The colour blue may be tranquil and peaceful to one person but appear cold and sterile to another. The sound of electric guitars and loud drums may be motivational and inspiring to one person yet sound like a random collection of instruments blended into a high-pitched squealing noise to another.

It is our perceptions that colour reality for us and determine how it looks, feels and appears. Your reality is not the same as mine. Period!

Arguments, disagreements and wars begin because of a difference in perceived realities and the truth is no-one's reality is right or wrong - it just is. Let my reality be the way my reality is and I will give you the same courtesy. Live and let live.

But I digress!

Back to limiting beliefs.

Your filter for reality is your perception and your perception is driven by your beliefs. Simply change your beliefs and you perception will change. Change your perceptions and your reality automatically changes because you begin to see it differently.

This is not just wishful thinking or brainwashing because as your perceptions change so do your behaviours and thus enviably, your results will change also!

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

The Attitude of Gratitude

You may have heard that having an attitude of gratitude is a good spiritual outlook to have and great for personal growth. However, you may not also realise that it is a fundamental mindset that you need for "manifestation"!

Without feelings of gratefulness for whatever already "is" you can never hope to manipulate the things that are "not yet".

I'm sure you've heard of the law of attraction and although this law is by no means the only ruling law in the universe it is an important one and a good one to illustrate how an attitude of gratitude is necessary if you want to create and attract more of things you desire into your life.

For a start you must eliminate desire - as the Buddha has said. Why? For the same reason you need to cultivate an attitude of gratitude - because what you hold in mind you create more of!

Let me explain.

The mind is only creative both the conscious and subconscious realms. Whatever you hold in mind you are re-creating or creating for the first time. Through the law of attraction you are also attracting similar energies into your life.

Think negative thoughts and you get negative results....right?!

Well, what do you think you are attracting and creating if you go around bitching all day about what you don't have?

You will inevitably get more things to bitch and whine about!

Now what do you think you will be creating and attracting if you spend the majority of your day (or all of it if you can) being joyful and thankful for what you already have?

You will begin to create and attract much more things to be grateful for!

This is the law and it always works!

If you want to test this just spend a week being completely negative and witness first-hand the rewards for such a mindset!

The reason why you should also eliminate desire is not to be emotionally freed or uplifted or to become some type of spiritual guru but for a very practical reason. When you desire something you are silently affirming in your mind and heart that you don't already have it!

What will happen when you focus on not having something? You continue to create and attract situations and circumstances that keep that very thing away from you!

I would highly recommend you review the articles on The Sedona Method and The Release Technique for more information on this topic.

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Just Be & Allow Manifestation to HAppen

In self improvement and personal development we always seem to have goals and aspirations. We always seem to be striving for some type of betterment or improvement. This is a worthwhile pursuit and an honourable direction to head in. However, sometimes we can achieve much more by simply being still and allowing ourselves to just "be".

Embracing the ever-present "nowness" of our being is probably the only goal, as students of personal growth, that we should really strive for. Being in the moment frees us form the burdens of the past and eliminates the desires for tomorrow - it makes us feel free to just be!

Being fully present in this moment also gives you immense power to create.

When you are only aware of the present moment without the plague of the past or the distractions of the future a mere thought is enough to set in motion powerful universal forces that will never stop until that thought is solidified in the material world as the physical representation of itself.

Truly being present in the moment make you feel free, happy, content, at one with yourself and all of creation and also releases your unlimited power (which is of course always present in the ever-present now).

Obviously talking about being fully immersed in the moment is easier to do than actually experiencing it but we have all been in this experience at least once.

Think of a time when you were sitting in a garden or by a pond or the ocean. Perhaps you were on holiday or vacationing in a quiet spot. Think of a time when you just sat observing your surroundings thinking of nothing in particular - just savouring the experience.

If you can recall that time you will probably remember just how serene and at peace you felt. At that moment you were temporarily fully in touch with your own beingness and fully immersed in the ever-present moment. Everything felt perfectly in place, harmonious and balanced. Do you remember?

At that point, even though you may not have realised yet, you were connected to the very power that created the universe and it was fully at your disposal!

In that moment you could have created anything you wanted for the mere thought of it!

Of course in such a frame of mind, body and spirit everything seems so perfect in that moment that desire for anything is the furthest thing from your mind. However, a mere simple thought such as "wouldn't it be nice if........" would be enough to set the its manifestation in action.

So, if you ever find yourself in that place again just give a quick thought to something you have always wanted and then relax back into the "now". If you want to feel like that all the time then you should read about The Sedona Method.

Monday, 26 April 2010

Getting Unstuck

Sometimes when you set a goal or pursue a dream it feels like you are walking in quicksand or driving in second gear. The progress is painstakingly slow and the frustration caused by your slow movement forward can cause a host of problems for you.

Believe it or not you are not alone. Getting stuck is one of the most common things that happen to people who are on a spiritual path or a path to self improvement and personal growth.

When you get stuck and it seems like you can't move forward it is really a sign that you have come up against a roadblock within yourself that really needs to be removed. You have encountered your own resistance and you should be joyful for this fact.

Now I know the above sentence may sound strange to you (or even offensive if you are struggling a lot) but truly this stuckness is a gift. You have been given a clear and undeniable sign that you need to change something within yourself and you have been shown exactly what that is by your own unique situation.

Merely change the thinking that caused the situation and the situation will change!

You see everything around you now; everything you see, hear, feel and are experiencing is your manifestation. Your reality is a reflection of your own inner self. The world is just an outward projection of the inner you.

The world is your "manifestation".

If you like it then keep doing what you are doing. Keep thinking the same way, feeling the same emotions and saying the same things.

However, if you do not like it start changing what you are doing!

Use a self improvement tool such as The Sedona Method to weed out the negative thoughts and emotions that are creating the negative situations in your life. Then you will naturally change how you think and feel and your actions and words will naturally change as a result!

You are in charge. Take charge now. Do things differently and you will get a different result - I promise you!

Thursday, 22 April 2010

5 Steps to Goal Achievement

There are always steps that you can take to turn your desires into reality and they will always work if you are willing to work them!

1. Brainstorm.

You need to be specific about you want having a nebulous goal or wishy-washy view of your desires will get you nowhere. You need to know at a very deep level of your mind and being what you want and why you want it.

Make a list of all the things you think will make you happy - no matter how strange or far-fetched they seem to be.

Truly when you can get clear on what you want it is usually pretty easy to get it!

2. Create Goals.

Make goals from the list you have made from your brainstorming exercise. Take the most important points on your list and turn them into real, concrete tangible goals that you can strive to achieve.

3. Create a Plan.

No matter how flawed or lacking in structure your plan is at the moment make one. It really doesn't matter how bad the plan is right now because you will change it as you gain experience the reason why you need a plan (even a very bad one) is because it forces you to take action!

4. Take Action.
Do something - anything - everyday that brings you closer to your goal. When you have created a plan all you have to do is make tiny goals from it and work on those goals every day. As the Chinese say " a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step".

5. Use Personal Development Tools.

Use tool such as The Sedona method, The abundance course (a.k.a. The Release Technique) to help you eliminate the negative programming that is keeping you stuck in life.

Using a Hypnothery Cd?

I love hypnosis. It is so relaxing and helps me to unwind at the end of an often hectic and busy day. With the newest types of hypnotherapy cds available online you get the usual hypnotic induction sequences along with any pre-scripted post hypnotic suggestions but you also get all the cool advancements that have been made in audio technologies and brain entrainment.

My favourite type of hypnosis cd will almost always incorporate some kind of brainwave technology in it because I find them so relaxing. With a standard, or older, self hypnosis cd I still experience trance but very rarely go into that type of hazy unconsciousness that is so energizing.

I find that when I enter particularly deep states of trance that it feels like sleep. However I know that I am not asleep because I "wake up" at the count back to conscious that you hear towards the end of the hypnotic recording - every time!

Now hypnotherapy cds should not be confused with clinical hypnotherapy which is a form of medical hypnosis used by professional medical practitioners. A good hypnotherapy cd is really just a self hypnosis recording that has been created by a professional Hypnotherapist to elicit some specific mental response in you - such as increasing your confidence.

These types of hypnosis cds are truly an excellent alternative to expensive visits to hypnotists. They are often offered as hypnosis mp3 downloads as well.

I have had very good personal experiences using these mind altering and behavioural changing tools and would highly recommend them to anyone interested in improving their lives.

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Spiritual Growth Through Maifestation

When I first became interested in personal development it was less about personal growth and more about manifestation. Although I have grown substantially since then to understand that spiritual growth is the only true goal worth pursuing 25 years ago I was a little more materialistic!

However, that is not to say manifestation is not worth the effort. Spiritual growth is about material comfort as well. The material and spiritual are intertwined like a ball of string. In addition to realising that the spiritual encompasses the material you should also realise that it I shard to pursue higher spiritual goals and ideals if your stomach is empty and you have nowhere to live!

The truth is going after material goals can be a great aid in your spiritual and emotional growth because to attain your goals you must change yourself from the inside out. You must identify and eliminate the negative programs that hinder your accomplish of success before you can attain any worthwhile goal.

By removing these negative patterns from your mind you are freeing yourself from the burdens of the world and thus pushing forward your own spiritual evolution.

By eliminating the negatives from within yourself you are actually growing spiritually. So no matter how materialistic or selfish the goal seems, the very act of pursuing it and dealing with the obstacle it brings up is an act of spiritual growth!

For this reason spiritual programs like The Sedona Method and The Release Technique actively encourage and show you how to manifest your goals. In fact the latter program strongly encourages you to use the technique to become a millionaire!

I can attest personally to the soundness of this reasoning because I myself have grown spiritually and emotionally by pursuing physical material goals and in ways that would have seemed impossible had I actively sought to do it consciously.

So, I urge you not to shy away from material goals but to pursue them with zest. Just ensure you deal with all your "inner demons" as they come up and you will be assured of, not only the physical goals, but also a spurt of growth in your own spiritual evolution.

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Accentuate the Positive

We all know that we should accentuate the positive and eliminate the negative and as the old song goes, don't mess with Mr In-between! To achieve this we are instructed to affirm the positive and use our words to guide our thoughts and mental images to the positive side.

However, thinking positive can oftentimes be extremely difficult especially when we are confronted with a reality that seems to contradict everything we are trying to affirm.

An affirmation, by its very nature, is a statement of fact. When we state something as a fact but all around are witness to a reality that is a silent accusation against what we are saying it can be hard to stay positive. In fact because we are stating something that seems so far from the truth that it makes Star Wars look like a documentary we often see the opposite results from those we are trying to create through our affirmations.

Affirmations by their very nature can cause the opposite effects that the ones we are trying to manifest because they stir up so much subconscious resistance.

This is the reason they are so difficult to use effectively. An affirmation is only useful fro one thing - to stir up your subconscious programming and eliminate it!

By affirming something positive that you wish to see in your life as being an already established fact you will immediately summon your subconscious programming to the surface. Immediately the demons of the mind pop up and start contradicting what you just said.

Now left unchecked these inner demons will cause havoc and make you feel even worse than you did before you started affirming what you wanted.

However, when you address the issues that these little gremlins bring up into your consciousness you can eradicate them. Each time you eliminate even a little of this negative subconscious programming you free up your mind and make you affirmation appear more real or at least more tangible as a possible reality or goal.

The key then to thinking, and speaking, positively is to eliminate the negative subconscious programming that stops what you are affirming from being true!

To do this you can use a very effective tool such as The Sedona Method.

Sunday, 18 April 2010

Is It Really Possible to Attract What You Want?

We've all heard about the law of attraction. It seems that everyone and their dog has watched "the Secret". We've visualized until the cows came home and went away again. We've affirmed the positive and listened to our subliminal cds. We've been hypnotized a dozen times or more and yet our lives still aren't working. What is going on?

The self improvement industry has done wonders for many people. Truly without the personal growth tools that it offers I, and many others, would still be stuck in places in life that no longer serve us and cause frustration, pain and slow death.

However, it often falls short of helping us attain real, tangible, concrete, nuts-and-bolts goals - like a new car! Sure following a good personal development plan can help you build a new career or save for that dream vacation but I want an Audi TT and I want one now!

Obviously, when a person feels like that the law of attraction sounds very interesting. Attracting what you want without having to wait around on that "manifestation" thing to happen sounds pretty good in my book!

However I have found that waiting for the law of attraction to kick in because you have properly aligned yourself with your desire often takes longer than going out and working to get your desire the old-fashioned goal-setting way! Maybe I'm just a traditionalist..... :)

I think teaching people about the law of attraction is a great and noble enterprise. However, I also think that way too much emphasis is placed on it.

I believe, wholeheartedly, that the number one issue every person devoted to self improvement, personal development or personal growth should be concerned with is there subconscious programming.

I think the best way to describe how taking care of this aspect of your mind will ensure that everything else effortlessly falls into place is to quote Jesus Christ (I'm not being religious just quoting a powerful truth) who summed it up when he said "But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you" Matthew 6:33.

When you seek to remove the negativity from your own mind and exorcise your own mental demons you will free yourself to experience the ecstasy that is life.

Everything flows to you effortlessly when you are free from self-imposed limiting beliefs and negative thoughts.

Using The Sedona Method it is possible to instantly drop these fabrications of the mind and start living life on your terms - automatically and effortlessly!

Friday, 16 April 2010

5 Steps to a Winning Attitude

Everyone knows that when you have the right attitude you can reach a very high altitude. Your attitude determines almost everything you get in life. Your attitude drives your behaviours and those behaviours determine your results.

With the correct attitude adjustment just about anything is possible.

Follow the simple 5 step formula below to develop the attitude of a winner and watch you life explode in new directions with new possibilities.

1. Release the Past.
Holding onto past mistakes and past hurts can be devastating in our lives. Not only does it taint our view of the world but it also affects how we interact with others.

Harbouring negative thoughts and feelings about that past has no effect on anyone else but ourselves. It's time to let go and move on!

2. Ask the Correct Questions.
Our questions often direct our thought process and our thought processes direct our actions - and we all know that our actions determine our results! If you are not getting the results from life that you want you should evaluate the questions you are asking yourself.

Do you phrase your internal questions negatively or positively? Are those questions designed to help you find a solution or do they reinforce the problem?

For example, "Why does this always happen to me?" reinforces the belief that you are in some way cursed to constantly experience the same thing. On the other hand, "what can I learn from this so it never happens again?" will force your mind to look for ways to learn from the experience and direct you to actions that ensure you never have to experience that situation again!

3. Accept Responsibility.
You are responsible for your life. Yes, your parents may have sucked at their job of raising you. Yes, your peers may have left emotional scars. Yes, you may not have been encouraged. All these things may be true and more. But - it's time to get over it!

Let it go and start to move on. No matter what happened to you in the past it is you who is now in charge. Accept that responsibility and begin to change your life now.

4. Affirm the Positive.
Speak positively to yourself and about yourself. False modesty or even genuine modesty gets you nowhere and allows others who are less talented than you to pass you by!

Give it up for yourself now. You're great. Enjoy it.

5. Eliminate the Negative.
Remove every subconscious block that is standing between you and the life you want.

Truly if you did nothing else but find and eliminate your negative subconscious programming all other personal development, self improvement or personal growth techniques, products, methods and the rest would not be needed!

Try The Sedona Method to make this process simple, fun and easy.

5 Steps to Manifestation

1. Get Specific
You cannot achieve anything unless you know exactly what you want to achieve. I know this sounds like a ridiculous thing to say because it is so obvious but many people want success yet they cannot quantify what success is.

Success is not having more money, a better relationship or a great career. Success comes with the accomplishment of a goal and you can only make a goal if you know what you want.

So get specific about your desires. If you want a new house where will the house be located? How many rooms will it have? Will it be detached and set in its own grounds? Get in detail about your goal and you will manifest it much quicker.

2. Write it Down on Paper.
Commit yourself to your goal by putting pen to paper and writing it down. Give the goal a realistic deadline that is achievable but that will stretch you out of your comfort zone!

Psychology professor Dr. Gail Matthews of the Dominican University of California found that people who write down their goals are 33% more likely to achieve their goal that people who merely formed a goal in their head.

3. Take action
Goals are nothing unless they are acted upon or as the Bible tells us in James 2:20, "faith without works is dead".

You cannot expect your goals to magically appear before you as if some genie is doing your bidding. You must take action! This means formulating a plan - no matter how bad the plan is - and working on it every day.

As failures bring with them experience you can alter your plan with every "learning lesson" you receive until you eventually get it right. Who knows you may hit on a winning formula straight away.

4. Be Persistent
Never stop. Do not give-up. There is no such thing as failure only death and quitting! Keep going and you have to succeed!

5. Eiminate Blocks
Work to remove your negative subconscious sprogramming. Use the latest cutting-edge tools such as The Sedona Method or The Release Technique to help.

Thursday, 15 April 2010

Properperity, Poverty and Consciousness

I recently had a revelation about consciousness, in particular prosperity consciousness and I would like to share what I found with you.

Most of us go through life with a poverty consciousness. I know that I did for many years. This acceptance of poverty is accepted to different degrees depending on the person and how much they allow themselves to be swayed by popular belief and the media!

You see there is a large belief on this little blue planet that you have to work hard to earn your money and that money is a difficult commodity to acquire. This belief affects almost everyone except wealthy bankers and those after their kind! I sometime wonder if they didn't start this false and fabricated belief system to remain in power!!!!

Anyway, it is completely untrue that you need to work harder to earn more money. When you develop a "prosperity consciousness" you will be excites and equally appalled at just how many opportunities there are around you every day to make easy money - ethically and for the good of all concerned.

In fact there are so many opportunities to make easy money that it would be difficult if not impossible to follow up on even half of them in any one day - I kid you not people.

Listen I have eaten pea sandwiches in stale bread at one point in my life because I had nothing else to eat and hunger made me do it! I know what poverty consciousness is and now I know what prosperity consciousness is.

One of the things I learned is that no matter how many opportunities are given to you if you have a consciousness of poverty you will not be able to see them. Likewise, regardless of what is happening in the economy or the country in which you live, or your city or town, or whatever, you can and will see opportunities to thrive and expand when you have a consciousness of wealth!

Here are two resources that have money-back guarantees and help you to make the easiest money you have ever made. What you do with them is up to you!

George Brown Course

Affiliate Marketing Course

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Do You Know What You Want?

Personal development is a great tool - when you know how to use it. Both self improvement and personal development are designed to help you reach goals that are truly personal to you. It's all about personal growth.

However, it is unfortunate but only about 1% of the population give any thought to what they want. They rarely set goals and even those people who do give some thought to what they want never really solidify their desires into concrete steps and action plans.

Goal-setting is one of the foundations of personal development. Goal setting is a proven tool for helping you attain your heart's desires. Goal setting has allowed other people to achieve the seemingly impossible.

Truly as I get older I am realising more and more that nothing is impossible if we are willing to commit to it and keep going through persistence and focus. Goal setting works.

However, goal setting cannot work and cannot help you achieve anything if you do not know what you want!

Are you currently like a ship without a rudder? Are the winds of change blowing you in different directions constantly? Is your ship merely following the tide?

You must learn to set you sails and direct your ship to whatever seas and shores you choose!

By determining what you truly want can you set and achieve goals that are meaningful to you. You can only do this if you take inventory of your life and your current position in it.

Are you happy in your career, your relationship and your friendships? Are you finances and bank balance as healthy as you would like them to be? Have you travelled everywhere that you wish to go? Are you as confident, self-assured, loving and happy as you feel you can be?

When you address each area of your life and decide how it can be changed for the better you will start to get an idea of which goals you need to set.

Once you have identified your desires it is a relatively easy process getting them!

If you find all this too difficult you should definitely try The Sedona Method!

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Does Self Improvement Enrich Your Life?

As a personal development devotee I am most interested in self improvement and especially interested in personal growth. However, there came a stage in my life when I had to ask myself was self improvement helping me or hindering me.

Almost every goal I set back then centred on a need to fix myself in some way. I strongly believes (which I still do) that even material goals can manifest faster if inner changes are made first.

However, when setting personal goals that involve bettering yourself in some way start to get in the way of living your life I think that self improvement has over-stepped its boundaries!

I had to come to the realization that it was time to become a person who used self improvement as a tool rather than someone who was being driven by self improvement. You see I had become a self improvement junkie who, just like a drug addict, needed his next fix yet fixed nothing.

By constantly "working on myself" I was sending out the vibe that I wasn't OK the way I was. I was focused on all the things that were wrong in my life and missing those things that were right and the law of attraction made sure I got more of what I was focusing on!

When I took a step back and decided that I was fine the way I was and didn't need another "fix" of self improvement to make me better my life started working all on its own!

I became a person who got results from self improvement rather than just someone who was constantly looking for his next self improvement "fix"!

If you find that you have tried everything and nothing has worked perhaps this is the last piece of self improvement advice you need for now - stop trying!

Maybe it's time to allow yourself to be who you are and to stop trying to fix yourself - you aren't broken!!!!

Decide today that you are going to accept yourself as you are and embrace any changes that may come. Then set forth an intention about how you want your life to be and let it go. Then just live your life and watch what happens.

Monday, 12 April 2010

Enemies Within

Why do some people reach the heights of success while others struggle their entire lives? From a purely shallow point of view it often appears to be the result of blind luck or special privilege. However, in the great majority of cases it is neither although it may look as though it is.

It seems that successful people share some common character traits that you just don't see in the "ordinary" individual. I suppose in a way these traits can be the result of special privilege as those who already have those traits tend to pass them on to their children.

There are a few success stories though that show how many people acquired these character traits even though their environment and genetics would suggest it would be impossible.

How many rags to riches stories have you heard?

How many stories do you know of that speak about of courage under great opposition that eventually wins the day?

These examples show us that no matter what background we have had we can achieve great things. They also demonstrate that our environment cannot deter us from success if we refuse to let it.

So what does stop "ordinary" people from doing extraordinary things?

The only obstacles that you currently have to achieving all your dreams and living the life you have always wanted are what I call "the enemies within".

Only you can fight them and only you can ensure a victory. No-one else can do it for you. However, if you enter into battle with these inner demons and do not give-up you are assured of success and with that success comes everything else you have ever wanted.

These inner demons sabotage all your conscious efforts because they lay hidden form you at a very deep subconscious level. When you learn how to shine the light of conscious awareness of these insipid success-killers you can eliminate them within seconds!

Would you like to learn more about these hidden enemies within? Then visit The Release Technique now!

Saturday, 10 April 2010

Goal Setting - The Path to Success

Setting goals is without doubt the fastest and perhaps only way to achieve any level of success. Every successful person has set goals for themselves and also set goals for others who work with them.

Without goals you are like a ship without a rudder aimlessly sailing the seas and allowing winds of fate to blow you were they will.

As a student of personal development your very first action should also be to set a life goal for yourself. This life goal then acts as a spring board that can launch you in directions you would not normally go.

Don't be surprised if this life goal changes many times before you ever get the chance to accomplish it. This is normal. As we grow in mind, body and spirit our goals naturally change. What was important to us when we were 20 is no longer as important (if it is important at all) when we reach the age of 40.

Allowing ourselves to grow into goals is often the best way to set them. However, this is not the same as allowing our life experiences to dictate what goals we should set. A goal, no matter how large or how small, should always represent the accomplishment of something that we want and desire.

Goals should never be given to us. It is extremely rare that a person finds happiness from following someone else's dream!

We can often get caught in a trap where we try to please our parents, become successful to show off to our peers or just pursue some life path because we think that is what we are supposed to do.

The only true happiness from goal achievement comes when the goal you accomplish has some personal value to you. Although you can achieve just about any goal you set for yourself and through proven methods become successful at any venture or reach any objective you have it will not make you happy unless you set you achieved that accomplishment for yourself!

So, my advice to you is simple: set goals that have meaning for you and you will find a way to achieve them.

PDP - Personal Development Planning

There is very strong evidence to support the belief that every successful person has a concrete personal development plan (often referred to as PDP). Using such a plan has a cumulative effect and guides the person to strengthen their existing skills and to develop new ones.

A great way to structure your PDP is to have a 12 week program that aims to improve on aspect of yourself, your skills or you life each week. Obviously the weekly goals of such a PDP must not be too far-fetched or difficult to attain as 7 days is all you have to reach your objective.

However each of your weekly goals should build on the previous week's accomplishment. This way at the end of 12 weeks you will have moved much further forward in your personal development than you could now imagine.

The very first thing you should do is take a real and honest look at yourself. Self introspection is a skill that you must develop if you ever wish to improve yourself and your life.

Identifying which areas of your life are working and which are not is the first step toward bettering your position in your life, your relationships, your career, finances etc.

The next step should be to identify your strengths and your skills to determine how you can use those strengths and skills to improve areas of your life that are not working.

This is also achieved by reviewing your weakness to see if they are the cause of your current dissatisfactions or if improving them can somehow enrich your life and improve those areas that are not currently working.

Next you should create a life vision that captures your truest and deepest desires. This vision should be the template from which you create your 12 week PDP goals.

Each of your weekly goals should represent an accomplishment in its own right and also bring you one step closer to some overall final objective. As each goal builds on the success of the previous one the final (or 12th week) goal should bring you some bigger overall objective that is connected to your life vision.

Dividing your life vision which is a goal itself, into small 12 week PDPs you will be surprised at just how quickly you start to transform your life!

Friday, 9 April 2010

Motivation - the elusive virtue

We all hear that staying motivated is the key to success and although I disagree with that point of view it is still very advantageous to keep motivated as it spurs us on to victory. Before I go further into this perhaps I should explain why I do not think motivation is the key to success!

If we look at the lives of those select individuals who have given their all and succeeded against great odds it is rarely their motivation that git them through. Rather than been all hyped-up and excited by their outcome many of them merely put their head down and kept battling on.

Therefore I believe persistence is the one and only true virtue above all others that can guarantee success!

However, motivation does play its part in goal achievement and without it you can rarely get a project off the ground. So although persistence is the fuel that keeps your engines running it seems that motivation is the engine starter.

So how to you get yourself motivated to take action and start down the path to success? Well you have to have a good "want to" and a great "what for". Let me explain.

When you set a goal that you truly want there is no need to try to muster up motivation. You should have it in abundance. Now you can only go after what you truly want if you have a good set of reasons for wanting it.

I don't mean practical reasons; I just mean reasons that are important to you.

When you can identify why you want something and those reasons are important to you, you will have all the motivation you ever need to launch you on the path to achieving it.

Just make sure you develop some persistence for further down that path!

Thursday, 8 April 2010

Five Tips for Success in Personal Development

Many people are living lives of quiet desperation. They are not satisfied with their careers, their relationships or their won growth. Stagnation seems to be the order of the day - every day! If you feel that you life is on hold or moving forward aimlessly then you need to read this article.

Below are five easy tips to start you on the road to a new life and the experience of life success. Whether you want a new career, a wider social circle, to find the perfect relationship or just want to venture into new and uncharted territory these five tips will help.

1. Know Thyself.
You must identify the things in life that make you happy. This may sound like a straight-forward and almost obvious thing to do but think for a moment - are all your life goals yours or have some of them been given to you?

2. Set Goals.

Once you have identified those things in life that make you happy set some goals. You now know what type of lifestyle will bring you joy so set a few objectives that will help you create that life.

3. Play to Your Strengths.

We all have strengths and weakness. When we set a goal and have a clear objective in mind we need to determine how we can best use our skills to reach that goal. We must also identify what weakness we have the need to be addressed in order to reach the goal. Are there skills you need to develop or things that must be outsourced for you to reach your goals?

4. Reward Yourself.

Every time you reach a goal, no matter how small it is, give yourself a pre-decided reward. Doing this has a dual effect. Firstly you subconsciously make the connection between the successes of reaching your goals (through work on your part) with rewards. Secondly, you ensure that you acknowledge your movement forward thus keeping you motivated and aware that your life is changing for the better.

5. Enjoy the Ride.

Make you sure you enjoy the process of setting and achieving goals. Many people get so caught up in the game of life that they forget it is a game. When you set goals and actively pursue them, through hard work and a focused approach, you cannot fail if you never give-up. However, you can get lost in the goal itself rather than enjoying the process. It may be a tired cliché but it is still true "life is a journey not a destination". So enjoy it!

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

That's Affirmative Captain!

The art and skill of successfully using affirmations to change your life!

Has someone ever said something extremely hurtful to you that left its indelible mark? Has someone else ever encouraged you and spurred you on to action and perhaps even victory? Do you remember the words you parents used to scold you and/or encourage you?

Words are much more that vocal expressions of thoughts and feelings. Words have power over us!

The words that other people use when the speak to us and the words we use to talk to ourselves sway our internal emotional state and direct our thinking - which in turn directs our actions and thus the results we get form life.

We mostly use words to form sentences that are delivered as "statements of fact". These statements only represent how we believe things to be and not how they actually are. These are known as affirmations. Very often we are using these affirmations to reinforce negative beliefs, negative thoughts and negative feelings we have about the world, ourselves and our place in the world.

Just as someone's words, or affirmations, can hurt you or encourage you so too can your own. In fact if someone else says something that has such a profound effect on you what do you think your affirmations are doing to you?

Affirmations are more powerful that you can possibly know. Have you ever heard the saying that "If you repeat something often enough you start to believe it?

When we repeat an affirmation over and over again we come to believe it - no matter how outrageous it is. Repetition is an act of conditioning your mind. When you repeat an affirmation often enough it eventually seeps into the subconscious mind. Whatever the subconscious mind is told it accepts unquestioningly.

So, using affirmations to instil positive beliefs, thoughts and feelings into the subconscious mind can greatly improve our lives because it redirects our actions towards the things that we want in life rather than directing us to unconsciously perform actions that take us away from our desires.

Often though when we try to consciously use affirmations in an attempt to change our lives they do not work. Sometimes using affirmations even results in the opposite thing happening from the intention we set forth. Why is this?

It seems that when we consciously use affirmations to try to change current subconscious programming the subconscious mind rebels. Often the act of affirming something positive which seems to contradict the facts and reality of your situation cause you think and feel even more negatively (thus attracting to you more negative things to feel bad about).

If you have ever had this type of experience using affirmations then you need a more powerful tool than the spoken word - at least to start you off.

You should consider using a good hypnotherapy cd which will drive your positive affirmations deep into the subconscious mind from the very first listening.

Visualization can also help. In your mind's eye picture yourself in possession of your goal. It doesn't matter whether it is a physical objective you have or a character trait you wish to develop - just see yourself having it already.

This should reinforce your affirmations and help you more readily accept the reality of what you are affirming.

Monday, 5 April 2010

Binaural Download - For Free!

Today I would like to draw your attention to a free isochronic recording designed to help you manifest your desires.

Through the use of isochronic tones carefully chosen and professionally recorded affirmations are offered by a soothing female voice. When you listen to this recording two things happen:

1. Your brain starts producing very specific alpha brain waves that create the ideal mental environment for contacting and reprogramming your subconscious mind.

2. Carefully chosen life-affirming goal-driven affirmations effortlessly seep into the deepest recesses of your subconscious mind to create internal change which will be reflected in your outer life.

All you have to do is think of what you want for a few moments before you sit back, relax and let this cutting-edge recording do the rest. You can feel it working even before the session has ended!

isochronic tones
The reason why this recording is so powerful is due to the isochronic tones being used. These tones are very similar to binaural beats with on exception - there is no need to use headphones.

Due to the nature of binaural beats it is essential that you listen to them through good quality stereo headphone. Although earphones can be used the effect is lessened and therefore headphones (ones that cover your ears) are advised.

Even though binaural beats are extremely powerful and very beneficial they are somewhat restrictive in the fact that you need to use stereo headphones for them to be effective. It was for this reason that modern science invented the use of isochronic tones.

Isochronic tones create the same brain entrainment effect as binaural beats but do not require the use of headphones. You can listen to these tones through any normal stereo speakers such as those on a computer or sound system and you will gain all the same benefits offered by binaural beats.

To test the "Manifestation" isochronic recording visit Binaural Download and claim your free MP3 now!

Living in the Moment

You may or may not have heard of "The Power of Now" also known as "Living in the Moment". It is the concept that true happiness comes from being truly present in this very moment. It is the belief that all sorrow and unhappiness stems from thinking about the past or thinking about the future. So how does this work?

It's simple really; when you constantly think about the past you are not present to what is actually happening around you in any given moment. You can miss opportunities and even be unaware of how life is passing you by.

In fact by keeping your focus on the past you tend to blind yourself for possibilities in the moment because you are viewing the world through a filter that you created based on a past experience.

An example may be keeping yourself away from close relationships because you have been hurt in the past. Perhaps this has occurred to you several times in relationships. Each relationship being the direct result of thinking about the previous one!

Likewise, when you live in the future or in anticipation of some future event you tend to miss what is happening around you. You will never be happy because you are not currently experiencing the future event you want so badly.

By learning to live in the present moment you will open up yourself to new opportunities and also learn to value each moment as the precious gift it truly is.

You also avoid making bad decisions that are based on negative past experiences or the hops and desires or even fears based on future events that may never occur or that need you to be present and capable right now in order to create them.

There is immense power to create the life you want by being present in this moment because you are not encumbered by the past or future and make decisions and take actions based on analytical thought and not emotional reactions.

You should strive to enjoy your life in every moment. By being present right now you also free yourself of the burdens of yesterday and the fears of what might come to pass.

Although it I soften difficult to remain in this state we have all had experiences of it because it is our natural spiritual state. So start practicing getting into this state for even a few moments every day. Then increase the length of time you stay in this serene and tranquil place until it starts to feel natural for you to stay there.

When you reach this point you will be surprised at how much your life starts to change positively and effortlessly!

Sunday, 4 April 2010

Hypnosis, Self Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy

Many people get confused between the terms hypnosis, hypnotherapy and self hypnosis falsely believing them to be three different things. Although there are differences between these three aspects of just one mind tool, the difference is negligible.

In fact the difference between hypnotherapy, hypnosis and self hypnosis is minute. They are one and the same thing. The only difference given to this terms is the application if the same process.

Hypnosis is often used to refer to entering the trance state through the use of a trained hypnotist. This may be for entertainment purposes, self improvement, pain relief or any number of other applications.

So, hypnosis is mostly used to refer to times when you use a hypnotist to enter trance.

Self hypnosis is used to refer to times when you enter exactly the same trance like state that hypnosis creates only you induce the trance yourself. Self hypnosis is often also used to refer to pre-made hypnotic recordings.

Hypnotherapy is the application of wither hypnosis or self hypnosis as an aid to self-healing. It is also often referred to pre-recorded hypnotic titles designed for self improvement purposes such as a weight loss hypnosis program for example.

When you use any of the three different phases of hypnotic trance, either hypnosis, self hypnosis or hypnotherapy, the results should always be the same. Any application of a tool that can create a trance state and then directly program the subconscious mind with positive affirmations will have a tremendously positive effect on your life.

By far the best way to experience hypnosis is by visiting a trained hypnotherapist. However this can prove to be very expensive.

The next best thing is through the use of a hypnotherapy cd. Although this is not as powerful as a one-on-one session with a professional these cds are highly professionally produced and the same results can be obtained although it usually takes a few extra sessions.

As a last resort I would learn how to induce trance in yourself through a good self hypnosis training course. I find this to be the least effective method because you need to retain a certain amount of conscious control in order to induce the trance state and then give yourself post hypnotic suggestions. I much prefer to let go fully and allow the recording to do all the work.

Obviously if you choose top train in hypnosis then it is just a matter of using a computer microphone and some recording software and making your own hypnotherapy cd. However, I only recommend this if you get sufficient hypnosis training!

Saturday, 3 April 2010

Procrastination - The Success Killer!

There is a misguided notion within some self improvement circles that motivation is a key factor in the achievement of goals and success. This is very misleading. Let's face it even the most motivated individuals in the world don't feel like doing the work sometimes. What separates the winners from the losers or the winners from the mediocrities is the ability to take action even when they feel far from motivated.

Without doubt the ability to keep going even when you don't want to is what makes people successful. On the other hand it is giving-up and procrastination that kill any chance of success for most people.

I will address the success killer procrastination in this article and hopefully give you some food for thought about how you can overcome this and move forward in your life.

There are a few reasons why the average person procrastinates.

1. Laziness.
2. Feeling Overwhelmed.
3. Stress.
4. Apathy.

Each of these reasons may be present individually or in a combination depending on the task at hand and the person involved. It is relatively easy to address each and ensure they do not interfere with your goals and do not stop you on your road towards success.

1. Laziness.

This is perhaps the most difficult of all the causes of procrastination because the cure must come from within. When you feel like you just can't be bothered to take action you must force yourself to do it!

Get up and walk about. Pump yourself up by thinking about all the positive outcomes you will eventually experience by taking action now. Then go and do it!

2. Overwhelm.
Many times we fail to divide a goal up into small manageable tasks. It doesn't matter what the goal is. It doesn't matter if it is your goal or one that has been imposed upon you (such as a t work) when you divide it up into smaller goals the whole process becomes much more manageable and looks more attainable!

3. Stress.

Take up yoga or meditation. Listen to some calming music or try some relaxation hypnosis. Focus your mind on the benefits of the work you are going to do and the positive outcome sit will lead to rather than the amount of activity you must perform.

Try using some isochronic tones like those you can get free at Binaural Download.

4. Apathy.
Apathy occurs when we just don't believe that the actions we are about to take will have any positive impact. It just seems pointless to take action because it will not amount to anything.

When you feel like this you really need to recondition your mind through some tools such as hypnosis and subliminal programming or you can "release" the negative emotions that causing your feelings and thoughts of apathy - such as through The Release Technique.

Friday, 2 April 2010

Some Personal Development Truths - 3 Lies That Need Addressed

It's time someone set the record straight on this whole personal development thing! There are some very disturbing concepts being bandied around by personal development gurus. Not only are these ideas and concepts very far off the mark but when they are taken literally they can be - literally - life threatening!!!

If you think the above statement is an over exaggeration then I will respectfully re-direct you to the recent activities of one James Arthur Ray (of The Secret fame). He believes so blindly that all people are capable of extraordinary things, and that they can overcome the constraints of the physical laws of the universe just through attitude and the correct mindset, that 3 people died at his sweat lodge Spiritual Warrior retreat and 19 more were treated in causality!

We need to be realistic people. Yes the teachings in The Secret are correct (to an extent) and you are capable of doing some truly fantastical things that would even amaze yourself but we are not invincible super-beings.

Here are a few personal development ideas that I believe should be banned from (or at least modified in) personal growth resources and self improvement teachings:

1. You can do anything!

No you can't! No matter how positive you are or how much you condition yourself you will never be able to fly, swim the Atlantic or run a 4 second mile. It's time someone said that!

Now, what you are capable of doing is achieving your deepest desires and living life on your terms - never let anyone tell you that you cannot. However, be realistic about your goals - if you are 35 and struggling with your fitness levels you will never score the winning goal at a Wembley cup final! Now, will you ever become King of the World.

However, regardless of your apparent obstacles you can improve your life any reach your own personal goals. The key to knowing whether you are capable of achieving a goal or not is to ask yourself how much you want to achieve that goal. If your desire is strong then you can be sure you are capable of achieving that goal because you would have that desire if you could not achieve it (God is not that cruel).

2. You deserve success!

Sorry to burst your bubble but you don't! You have to earn success. You have to "pay your dues"!

Problems only arise when we think we don't deserve something. If you think you don't deserve success then you will sabotage yourself on a subconscious level. However, that doesn't mean you deserve to have success drop into your lap - you need to work for it.

3. It isn't your fault!

Whose fault is it then? You can't blame your childhood for everything that is wrong in your life. Yes you were conditioned by your parents s and your peers. Yes you may have had it tough. Yes, your life may have been one big struggle but so what!

Take stock of where you are in life. Who made the decisions that put you where you are? I', guessing it was you. Are you 200 pound overweight? Who was the person that stuffed all that food down your neck while slobbing out in front of the hypnotic box we call television? I'm guessing it was you!

Take responsibility for where you are and who you are. Only when we take responsibility can we change things. After if someone else did it then someone else needs to undo it but if we did ourselves then we can undo it ourselves.