Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Do You Know What You Want?

Personal development is a great tool - when you know how to use it. Both self improvement and personal development are designed to help you reach goals that are truly personal to you. It's all about personal growth.

However, it is unfortunate but only about 1% of the population give any thought to what they want. They rarely set goals and even those people who do give some thought to what they want never really solidify their desires into concrete steps and action plans.

Goal-setting is one of the foundations of personal development. Goal setting is a proven tool for helping you attain your heart's desires. Goal setting has allowed other people to achieve the seemingly impossible.

Truly as I get older I am realising more and more that nothing is impossible if we are willing to commit to it and keep going through persistence and focus. Goal setting works.

However, goal setting cannot work and cannot help you achieve anything if you do not know what you want!

Are you currently like a ship without a rudder? Are the winds of change blowing you in different directions constantly? Is your ship merely following the tide?

You must learn to set you sails and direct your ship to whatever seas and shores you choose!

By determining what you truly want can you set and achieve goals that are meaningful to you. You can only do this if you take inventory of your life and your current position in it.

Are you happy in your career, your relationship and your friendships? Are you finances and bank balance as healthy as you would like them to be? Have you travelled everywhere that you wish to go? Are you as confident, self-assured, loving and happy as you feel you can be?

When you address each area of your life and decide how it can be changed for the better you will start to get an idea of which goals you need to set.

Once you have identified your desires it is a relatively easy process getting them!

If you find all this too difficult you should definitely try The Sedona Method!

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