Friday, 16 April 2010

5 Steps to a Winning Attitude

Everyone knows that when you have the right attitude you can reach a very high altitude. Your attitude determines almost everything you get in life. Your attitude drives your behaviours and those behaviours determine your results.

With the correct attitude adjustment just about anything is possible.

Follow the simple 5 step formula below to develop the attitude of a winner and watch you life explode in new directions with new possibilities.

1. Release the Past.
Holding onto past mistakes and past hurts can be devastating in our lives. Not only does it taint our view of the world but it also affects how we interact with others.

Harbouring negative thoughts and feelings about that past has no effect on anyone else but ourselves. It's time to let go and move on!

2. Ask the Correct Questions.
Our questions often direct our thought process and our thought processes direct our actions - and we all know that our actions determine our results! If you are not getting the results from life that you want you should evaluate the questions you are asking yourself.

Do you phrase your internal questions negatively or positively? Are those questions designed to help you find a solution or do they reinforce the problem?

For example, "Why does this always happen to me?" reinforces the belief that you are in some way cursed to constantly experience the same thing. On the other hand, "what can I learn from this so it never happens again?" will force your mind to look for ways to learn from the experience and direct you to actions that ensure you never have to experience that situation again!

3. Accept Responsibility.
You are responsible for your life. Yes, your parents may have sucked at their job of raising you. Yes, your peers may have left emotional scars. Yes, you may not have been encouraged. All these things may be true and more. But - it's time to get over it!

Let it go and start to move on. No matter what happened to you in the past it is you who is now in charge. Accept that responsibility and begin to change your life now.

4. Affirm the Positive.
Speak positively to yourself and about yourself. False modesty or even genuine modesty gets you nowhere and allows others who are less talented than you to pass you by!

Give it up for yourself now. You're great. Enjoy it.

5. Eliminate the Negative.
Remove every subconscious block that is standing between you and the life you want.

Truly if you did nothing else but find and eliminate your negative subconscious programming all other personal development, self improvement or personal growth techniques, products, methods and the rest would not be needed!

Try The Sedona Method to make this process simple, fun and easy.

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