Monday, 5 April 2010

Living in the Moment

You may or may not have heard of "The Power of Now" also known as "Living in the Moment". It is the concept that true happiness comes from being truly present in this very moment. It is the belief that all sorrow and unhappiness stems from thinking about the past or thinking about the future. So how does this work?

It's simple really; when you constantly think about the past you are not present to what is actually happening around you in any given moment. You can miss opportunities and even be unaware of how life is passing you by.

In fact by keeping your focus on the past you tend to blind yourself for possibilities in the moment because you are viewing the world through a filter that you created based on a past experience.

An example may be keeping yourself away from close relationships because you have been hurt in the past. Perhaps this has occurred to you several times in relationships. Each relationship being the direct result of thinking about the previous one!

Likewise, when you live in the future or in anticipation of some future event you tend to miss what is happening around you. You will never be happy because you are not currently experiencing the future event you want so badly.

By learning to live in the present moment you will open up yourself to new opportunities and also learn to value each moment as the precious gift it truly is.

You also avoid making bad decisions that are based on negative past experiences or the hops and desires or even fears based on future events that may never occur or that need you to be present and capable right now in order to create them.

There is immense power to create the life you want by being present in this moment because you are not encumbered by the past or future and make decisions and take actions based on analytical thought and not emotional reactions.

You should strive to enjoy your life in every moment. By being present right now you also free yourself of the burdens of yesterday and the fears of what might come to pass.

Although it I soften difficult to remain in this state we have all had experiences of it because it is our natural spiritual state. So start practicing getting into this state for even a few moments every day. Then increase the length of time you stay in this serene and tranquil place until it starts to feel natural for you to stay there.

When you reach this point you will be surprised at how much your life starts to change positively and effortlessly!

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