Sunday, 28 March 2010

The Power of Subliminal Software

With more interest growing everyday in subliminal technology it is not surprising that more manufacturers are trying to incorporate the latest technologies into their products. The subliminal market is no different.

With the hypnosis market leading the way in pioneering new product types it was only a matter of time before subliminal products also crept unto the market that had the same type of mind altering technology embedded into them.

It seems that NLP techniques that work so well with hypnotic products can also be incorporated into subliminal audio and visual products to produce the same effect.

The added advantage of being able to use cutting-edge audio technologies that are designed to alter brainwave states of the listener means the subliminal audio and visual products have become much more powerful in the last few years.

The use of binaural beats was the beginning of an advanced more technological subliminal recording that could create almost instant alpha brain waves conducive to accelerated learning and subconscious reprogramming.

Binaural beats work by sending a separate and unique tone to each ear independently. The right ear hears one tone and the left ear hears a different tone. Due to the way the tones are recorded and because they differ only slightly in frequency the human brain merges them to create one tone.

However, because the two tones differ slightly in frequency this difference is interpreted by the brain as a constant beat! This beat is heard at a frequency that is the difference between the original two tones.

When the brain "hears" this new tone it starts to produce brainwaves at the same frequency as the tone (a totally natural phenomenon that happens to you every day).

Because we know what frequencies are related to specific mental states (such as the alpha state) it is possible to use a binaural beats recording to induce the state of alpha (a light hypnotic trance-like state similar to the one you would experience under self hypnosis).

So, the introduction of binaural beats in subliminal products meant that the products were much more powerful and worked at a much quicker pace than their predecessors.

However, although these subliminal products were highly superior to the old subliminal tapes which merely embedded human voices repeating affirmations endlessly, they did have their drawbacks!

To get any type of effect from binaural recordings they absolutely must be listened to through a set of stereo headphones or earphones.

In fact even using standard earphones can detract from the power and effectiveness of binaural beats which is a point that not many manufacturers or self-improvement proponents bother telling people!

To be most effective you should listen to binaural recordings through high quality (and often expensive) stereo headphones.

This, as you can understand, was not the ideal situation for subliminal manufacturers. After all they wanted to use the latest technologies that would increase the effectiveness of their products but they also wanted their products to be easy to use which has always been the strength of subliminal messaging products over hypnosis products.

It was therefore not surprising that this drive to keep subliminal messages easy to use lead to the introduction of even more advanced audio techniques.

Technologies were soon invented that would allow for the creation of sounds that act in a similar way to binaural beats but that could be used without the need for any additional equipment other than a playback mechanism.

In other words, the new technology of isochronic tones meant you could get the same effect as you would listening to binaural beats but without the need to listen to them through headphones or earphones.

This leap forward in technology has also lead to the creation of subliminal software that allows any ordinary person to create their own subliminal recordings specifically tailored to their own needs.

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