Saturday, 27 March 2010

The Diet Industry Gets Fatter Every Year!

The diet industry makes billions of dollars every year. And every year it brings to our attention the latest pill, potion or gadget that is sure to strip away those pounds in record time and leave us looking and feeling trim and healthy.

How many times have you bought into the latest fad diet or hidden your abdominal machine under your bed or in your garage to gather dust?

The only reason why the diet industry is so huge, and getting bigger every year, is because people are getting bigger as well!

Rather than witnessing the population of civilized cultures getting thinner as the diet industry's wallets get fatter we are seeing more and more people becoming obese and entering the upper echelons of the health risk scale for overweight people.

The reason why the diet industry is getting bigger every year is because our stomachs, thighs and asses are bigger as well and we just want to find a quick way to make them smaller!

Unfortunately though there is only two ways to achieve the perfect shape and none of them involves a pill or potion!

Would you like the truth to losing weight quickly and permanently?

Are you sure you can handle the truth?

Ok then here it comes: To lose weight quickly and permanently you must be willing to eat less and exercise more!!!!

It really is that simple!

Of course the trouble states when you sit down to a plate of your favourite pasta covered in Bolognese sauce and a bowl full of grated cheese and garlic bread. How could you lose weight with all that stuff sitting there just begging to be eaten?

Well the first thing you must do is change your mental processes about food. Believe it or not there are plenty of people in the world who can say no to a cream bun without thinking they have just lost their winning lottery ticket!

In order to get slim and stay slim you must become the type of person who naturally eats well (and in the correct portion sizes) and loves to get some form of daily exercise - even if it's just walking!

One key to developing this "thin mentality" is to use a good weight loss hypnotherapy course or to visit a hypnotherapist. Hypnosis is very effective at changing automatic behaviours and altering preferences.

Can you imagine how thin you will be when you actually want to go for a walk instead of eating crates of Twinkies while slumped over the sofa watching "Days of Our Lives"?

How grateful do you think your internal organs will be when you no longer force them to squeeze into a size 10 pair of jeans?

The truth is a change of mindset is the only way you will ever lose weight and keep it off! To achieve your ideal shape you need to first achieve your ideal mental outlook. Once you do that your fat will fall away naturally and you will look and feel good automatically because your automatic behaviours will be of a person who never gets fat!

Would you like to decrease your ass size and improve your mental outlook in the process? Then be sure to visit hypnotherapy CDs to find out how easy it can be.

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