Friday, 26 March 2010

Water - The Secret Weapon in the Fight For Weight Loss

Water could well be the most potent and best kept secret to weight loss you will ever learn about!

Before you scoff at the thought that water could help you burn excess fat and help get you into shape think carefully about a few facts first.Fat Cat

Depending on your BMI and amount of fat you are carrying in your body your physical self is composed of between 60 to 70% water! Take the water away and you'd just be a small pile of dust like carbon on the floor!

Water is essential to run your body efficiently and in fact without water you wouldn't survive very long. You can last anywhere from 7 weeks to 13 weeks without food depending on your body weight.

However, without water your odds of survival are reduced to mere days!

Before I explain why water is so great for weight loss you should also consider how great it is for your digestive system, skin and overall health. Most people are constantly dehydrated yet they are completely unaware of the fact. If your urine is a yellowy colour then you are dehydrated!

When you take in about two quarts of water a day your entire physical system will benefit. Although you may find yourself running to the loo at lot more this inconvenience should stop after about a week.

When you do start to take in more water you will notice that it staves off hunger. Even if you feel hungry just before you down a pint of cold water, immediately afterwards you will fill full.

Water fools the stomach into thinking you have ingested the food you need to burn energy for the body. Drinking plenty of water, especially before a meal, is a great way to lose weight because it will stop you snacking and reduce the amount of food you need to consume in order to feel full.

This is not a permanent solution to stopping hunger, because your body knows when it needs nutrients and energy. So if you are trying to starve yourself and still feeling hungry after you have consumed about two pints (or a quart) of water then eat something!

Taking in 2 quarts of extra water daily has another very positive effect on the body as regards to fat burning.

As I mentioned previously most people are dehydrated. This causes all amounts of problems in your body from digestive disorders to sore heads. However, it can also have a dramatic effect on your ability to burn fat!

Your liver is responsible for burning your storehouse of fat reserves to create energy when your calories intake is below your calories requirements (which it should be when you are trying to lose weight).

However, when you kidneys are deprived of sufficient water they don't work properly and it is the job of your liver to pick up the slack. This takes it away from the job of burning fat!

So start today to drink more water and as part of a calorie controlled diet you will see the fat falling off you.

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